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HAP provides the network and tools for displaced professionals to explore, adapt and embrace a growth mindset for 21st century engagement.  

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Blockchain Technology for Fund and Banking Compliance


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"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." 
~ Albert Einstein

​"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn." ~Alvin Toffler

The fast pace of innovation, technology, geo-politics, socio-economics and demographic factors is driving disruption in industry - for entrepreneurs, employers and the employee. HAP's purpose is to build a sense of connectedness while you embrace a transformational shift of your awareness and skill sets to prepare for 21C engagement.


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Self-awareness, positive momentum and exponential thinking are integral elements of the transformational process.  



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Together we can prepare for the future and inspire conscious capitalism for balanced well-being and living.

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Discover and live into your passions. Embrace a life long learning mindset. Always be in beta and in action on your intentions to harness opportunities. 

                Upcoming 2018 HAPevents

                               Sept - Oct                       Blockchain Shift - Use Cases with Dan ViolaMicrosoft NYC 

                                                                      Impactathon withInnov8Social, Microsoft NYC

                                                                      Future of Venture Capitalism & Entrepreneurship NYC

                                                                      Blockchain: Restoring Trust  NYC

                            November                       The Lost Art of Conversation with Richard Askam NYC

                                                                      Future of Finance NYC                                           ​                                                                                    Have a great topic? Wish to speak? Tell us about it!                                              ​​​​​                                                                                                Past  HAPevents 

5 Stages of Unemployment: from Grief into Hope | Happiness Adventure | Blockchain | Big Data

TipperX: 21C Ethics & Accountability | Blackbelt Networking | Self Reinvention | Emotional Intelligence | CyberSecurity | Cryptocurrencies | Use Linkedin to Get Unstuck | Imagine the Future | Practical Persuasion & Influence |

Reclaim Your Hidden Light | Reboot You Retreat | Bahamas Blockchain & Crypto Conference | BlockchainShift: Use Cases

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HAP offers an educational program based on social impact awareness, entrepreneurism, financial sustainability and adaptability that accrues positive benefits for each individual, innovative companies and societal well-being.